What is the difference … a comparison between the iPhone SE and the Google Pixel 4a


Prepare Google Pixel 4a The latest smart phone that was recently revealed, and it is one of the mid-cost phones with good specifications, so the following is a comparison between it and a phone: iPhone Se The 2020 version, which Apple unveiled this year.

Screen Size:

iPhone SE : 4,7 inch.

Google Pixel 4a : 5.8 in.

screen resolution:

iPhone SE : 1334 X 750 pixels.

Google Pixel 4a : 2340 x 1080 Pixel.


iPhone SE : Apple A13

Google Pixel 4a : Qualcomm Snapdragon 730


iPhone SE : 3GB

Google Pixel 4a : 6GB

Indoor Capacity:

iPhone SE : 64GB

Google Pixel 4a : 128GB

Operating System:

iPhone SE : iOS (13.x)

Google Pixel 4a : Android (10)

the battery:

iPhone SE : 1821 mAh

Google Pixel 4a : 3140 mAh

Back camera:

iPhone SE : 12 MP

Google Pixel 4a : 12.2 MP

Front camera:

iPhone SE : 7 MP

Google Pixel 4a : 8MP

the weight:

iPhone SE : 148. gram

Google Pixel 4a : 143 grams.


iPhone SE : Black, white, red

Google Pixel 4a : the black.

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