What did Zidane and Guardiola say at the meeting of the two friends?


Everyone was waiting for the press statements of the French coach Zidane And the Spanish Pep Guardiola, After a team excel Manchester City The English are on Real Madrid, but the media got a historic shot.

The Manchester City team repeated its 2-1 victory over Real, to oust it from the round of 16 in the Champions League, but the event was overshadowed by the dialogue shot between Zidane and Guardiola alone in the empty Al-Ittihad stadium after the end of the match..

Zidane appeared standing and exchanging a conversation with Guardiola, who sat on a cooler box for water bottles in a friendly session between two friends, which aroused everyone’s curiosity to know the details of the dialogue..

The picture combined Toga coaches with five Champions League titles, three consecutive Zidane and two Guardiola titles with Barcelona, ​​and the picture gave a lesson for sportsmanship and mutual respect.

In response to what the two coaches said on the field, Guardiola told reporters, “I congratulated him on winning the LaLiga title, and I asked him about his family news. I hope we will meet for dinner one day and exchange conversations.”

Zidane said in a press conference, “We must feel very proud, the outcome of the season is very good. We must congratulate the opponent and rest before preparing for the next season.”

Zidane has a good relationship with Guardiola since the playing period, and extended to friendship when the French coach spent a period of coexistence in Bayern Munich to benefit from the experience of his “Catalan” counterpart in training.


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