What did Carmen wear for Amal Arafa after she had Corona!


Yesterday, the Syrian superstar Amal_Marifa announced that she was infected with Corona virus, but she said that she will also fight this damn virus and invited all of her followers and loved her to pay close attention and adopt all precautions to protect themselves.

Read: Amal Arafa announced that she was infected with Corona!

Her name entered the trend lists via (social media), and was circulated by the Syrians, Lebanese, and all those who love Amal, who wished her a speedy recovery, and that she would return safe and sound.

Her classmates also solidified and gave her a high dose of strength to challenge the vile virus.

The able Lebanese star Carmen Labs wrote to wish her health and overcome Corona: (Do not be afraid of hope, you defeat Corona and change Corona with your sweet spirit and your strength).

She continued: (the safety of your heart, cuts and sure will pass, God willing).


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