Weddings with exceptional permits spark controversy in Lebanon


Beirut – The spread of Corona virus has confused many people and sectors around the world. Between those who want to complete their lives naturally and government decisions that seek to impose laws to limit the spread of the virus, some exceptional decisions come from Lebanon to make a fuss.

The last of those decisions was to grant Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hassan exceptions to hold 7 weddings at the end of the week despite the complete quarantine imposed by the health measures, which sparked a dispute between him and the Interior Minister Mohamed Fahmy, after recording large numbers of infections with Corona virus in recent days.

Despite the Lebanese government taking a decision to completely close it for four days, from Thursday to Monday, and banning parties, Lebanese media outlets revealed exceptions granted by the Minister of Health, allowing him to hold a number of weddings so that the Minister of Health would return, and he acknowledged that he had given permission to organize 7 weddings, provided that the prevention measures were adhered to.

The videos that circulated in the media and on the media showed that the parties were free of these measures, while the Internal Security Forces imposed a fine on the bride of 25 million Lebanese pounds, for violating the government’s decision, knowing that one of these weddings was for the former Miss Lebanon and Lebanese actress Valerie Abu Shakra The marriage of the Maronite Patriarch Bechara Al-Raie was held at the headquarters of the Maronite Patriarchate.

This inconsistency sparked a popular anger, especially that the Minister of the Interior had allowed the holding of parties that were scheduled for the weekend, and the quarantine prevented them from being reorganized on Tuesday and Wednesday, which raised the Lebanese surprise and ridicule of these measures.

The Minister of Health criticized the Ministry of Interior’s organization of the minutes against the wedding owners for obtaining prior permission, after which the Minister of Interior would return and warn against holding parties during the time of the stone and announce his rejection of any permission from any party in a clear indication and criticism of the Minister of Health’s action.

In his television talk, Health Minister Hamad Hassan revealed that he had given exceptions to hold 7 weddings, and said, “We have to adapt and live the joys and sorrows, but with certain controls and procedures.”

Corona wedding time

“In the event that violations of procedures are recorded in the exceptions that we gave to weddings, coordination will be done with the Ministry of Interior to review the exception,” he added.

On the other hand, Interior Minister Mohamed Fahmy said in his statement, “Those who wish to hold wedding parties are prohibited from continuing them on the days that are completely closed and in which it is strictly forbidden to hold any kind of parties and parties, including wedding,” adding, therefore, any permission from any An authority or authority that has come, absolutely prohibited, provided that the minutes of arrest warrant against violators of the decision issued by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities on the measures and measures taken to limit the spread of the Corona epidemic.

This confusion over the procedures met with widespread criticism in Lebanon, especially since it was revealed in recent days, injuries as a result of being present at parties and weddings.

The outbreak of the virus and the stone’s decision have cost millions of dollars in the Lebanese entertainment sector.

Lebanese journalist Larissa Aoun wrote on Twitter, “On what basis does the Minister of Health grant this exception?”

Media director Bassam Abu Zaid asked on Twitter, “A dispute between the ministries of health and the interior regarding quarantine measures to confront Corona, especially weddings, as if every minister from a government and from a country.”


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