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Website to remove unused electronic accounts, Today, Monday, August 31, 2020 10:09 am

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The user may want to remove his electronic account from some web services, and here he begins to search for how to do this in the scope of support and assistance on the website, but these efforts are not successful in most cases. In such cases, the user can use the website, which lists many popular Internet services and explains the scope, in which the user’s account can be removed, and how to do so in detail.The website uses four colors to classify the complexity of removing electronic accounts. Where the green color indicates the accounts, which can be removed easily, while the yellow indicates the degree of medium difficulty, and the red color indicates the electronic accounts, which can be removed with difficulty, because in such cases the user cannot avoid contacting the support and assistance service on the relevant site.

As for the black color, it indicates the electronic accounts, which are impossible to remove at all, and here the user can try to remove as much data as possible.

In general, the user must remove unused electronic accounts, so that they are not misused in the worst case due to account hacking or data leakage.

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