We need “every drop of blood” and our hospital bleeding … a cry from the heartbreak


A tragedy befell us, the hospitals collapsed before our eyes, the sick and wounded in front of the hospital gates and their courtyards, and blood everywhere. Our health sector is bleeding, operating rooms are broken, the medical staff are fighting a war with an enemy that was living among us before it exploded on us all and caused a major catastrophe.

At this critical moment, we have to forget our differences and contradictions, to leave everything behind and run to help our loved ones back home, every drop of blood we may donate may save the life of a person who was present at the wrong time and place. We live in difficult and harsh times, the sick by the thousands and the martyrs fall by the tens, every humanitarian initiative that can bite the wounds that bleed at this hour. Humanitarian appeals from Beirut hospitals and its suburbs, blood donation from all groups, we must be one hand in the face of destruction and death!

For everyone who does not have a medical condition or chronic disease, everyone who is able today will invite you to head to the nearest hospital or blood donation center. With your donation, you save the lives of many, the operating rooms are crowded with emergency and critical situations, that is, a minute passes by which we may lose dear (brother, father, husband or companion …).

Help is in many ways. We ask everyone to extend his hand and help, according to his capabilities and capabilities, to open his house or give from his blood, or remove the effects of destruction in the regions.

In this regard, the President of Donner Sang Compter, Jorge Terourez, goes through “Al-Nahar” by calling on people “to help the wounded and donate not only today but throughout this week because we will be in great need in the coming days.” “I thank every Lebanese who donated blood and ran to his human brother, “Finding something to hold the head up,” everyone rushed to help others and answered the call. In a hospital, I saw people who came from Akkar, Bekaa and the south to donate. Blood banks are crowded with donors: something big.

A catastrophic red streak and beware what awaits us in the fall!


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