We have 25,000 young people who make $ 50 million … and that can be multiplied 40 times


Entrepreneur Mohamed Waheed, president of Catalyst, and founder of Jouda E-Commerce

Mohamed Waheed, Chairman of the Catalyst Company and founder of the Quality E-Commerce Platform, said that the size of the Egyptians involved in the independent workforce “Free Lance” does not exceed 25 thousand so far, achieving returns of less than 50 million dollars annually, while those numbers can be multiplied by about 40 At least once, and achieve returns of not less than two billion dollars annually.

The founder of the first digital market for trade in Egyptian products added that the size of the independent global labor market exceeds 5 trillion dollars according to the earliest estimates, and may exceed that in light of annual growth of more than 20%, as independents achieved in the United States of America a model of about two trillion dollars during the past year, but On the other hand, the number of Egyptians on all specialized platforms does not exceed 25 thousand young people according to the best estimates, with an average of 2000 dollars annually for each of them, while those numbers and returns can be multiplied dozens of times if they pay attention to that arena, and enhance efforts to attract and rehabilitate youth, and increase interest in developing capabilities and skills, including Corresponds to the quality of the order across those platforms.

The head of Catalyst, which specializes in entrepreneurship and innovative solutions for trade and services, explained that the company’s programs and pioneering development projects include ideas about the independent labor market, but this path must be a general trend from companies and investors, and from the state and the agencies concerned with technology, youth and employment, stressing that the rehabilitation of groups More than young people for the electronic work market, or launching a national platform for independent work and limited services can achieve huge growth in the sector according to a graduated time plan, which leads to the promotion of the number of workers in the field inside Egypt from 25 thousand currently to between half a million or a million “free” Lance “within a few years, and raising the average returns from 2000 dollars annually per capita at the present time, to 600 dollars per month with an average of 7 thousand dollars annually, which can achieve between 3 and 7 billion dollars annually in revenues from the independent labor market.

“Waheed” pointed out that those numbers are not an impossible dream or far-fetched, but can be easily achieved if you pay attention to this vital sector, and achieve levels of growth in the rates of qualification and engage in it in line with the rapid growth in the level of demand for that type of services and advanced employment pictures. Continuing: “For example, the country of Bangladesh has half a million furry lancers, despite the convergence of economic, development and education indicators in it with Egypt. Here, university students, graduates, and educated housewives, craftsmen and people with specific skills can be motivated to compete in that huge market and provide services Starting with office work and translation, until the complex technical matters of programming, statistics, engineering designs, etc., this can achieve an average of about $ 7 an hour, and the price reaches between $ 20 and $ 30 in some specific work, even if young people compete at the lowest price per hour At $ 3, they can make more than 10,000 pounds a month by working less than 10 hours a day. “

It is noteworthy that Mohamed Waheed takes over the management of Catalyst, the pioneer in innovative solutions for trade and services, and a quality platform for e-commerce “the first digital market for Egyptian products”, and began his practical journey fifteen years ago in a number of investment fields, including trade, agencies, digital services and real estate investment, and founded the company The pioneering journeys in the year 2012, before he launched his latest pioneering projects to stimulate e-commerce and develop the economy of services and independent work, and Alexandria University recently hosted it in a seminar with students entitled “How to become a millionaire?” In it he presented a summary of his investment experience and his activity in the field of entrepreneurship, and his advice to students at the level of medium and small projects, and storming the world of independent operating platforms, as he presented during the symposium the most important projects of Catalyst Company and quality platform plans and the advantages it provides to manufacturers and dealers, and what it is preparing to launch during the coming period of Training and qualification programs to motivate young people, develop their capabilities and help them create non-traditional jobs and achieve good income levels across the digital economy world and innovative global and local platforms.


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