Watch the Zamalek and Club Egypt match broadcast live today 8/8/2020 in the Egyptian League


The Military College Stadium is hosting the meeting between Zamalek and its counterpart, Club Egypt, in the framework of the twentieth round of the Egyptian Premier League football matches, this evening, Tuesday, August 18, 2020, noting that the first-leg match between the White Knight and FC Masr ended with a positive tie.

Egypt Sport will be the first to provide a service to watch the Zamalek match against Masr Club, broadcast live today, which will be broadcast on the ON Time Sports HD channel. Both Moamen Hassan and Ayman Al-Kashef will comment on the channel, and the match is scheduled to start at exactly 22:00 pm local time. Makkah Al-Mukarramah, corresponding to 21:00 in the evening Cairo time.

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Zamalek is second in the Egyptian league standings table with 38 points in a difficult task when the last-placed club meets Egypt, which has 12 points out of eighteen for his game, as the relegation centers teams face a complex and difficult confrontation when they have hope of staying in The competition.

Zamalek’s confrontation with Egypt Club is a fateful confrontation for Club Egypt, as the loss will complicate the fortunes of the team that is struggling to survive in the Egyptian Premier League, noting that the team has a postponed match that it has not played, and it must come out with a positive result in front of Zamalek in order to improve His position in the Egyptian league table.


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