Watch … Sari breaks the law during the Juventus-Roma match


In a match-out match, Juventus coach Mauricio Sari found no objection to lighting a cigarette while sitting in the stands to watch his team’s confrontation with Roma on Saturday in the final round of the Italian Football League.

The match ended with Juventus losing 3-1, a result that did not affect the ranking table, and did not prevent the Old Lady’s club from celebrating the league title for the ninth time in a row.

It appears that Sari – who is known to have seen him smoking – did not wait until the end of the match, and was monitored by the cameras that transmitted the match lighting a cigarette in the stands, although this is forbidden.

Tweeting on social media, Sari chose to celebrate his first title with Juventus.

Sari smokes about 80 cigarettes a day (Reuters)

The 61-year-old trainer does not hide his addiction to smoking, and earlier reports spoke of his consumption of about 80 cigarettes a day.

Source : Websites + social media


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