Watch: Hala Sidqi’s husband detonates a surprise: “The boys are 100% my children, but Hala is not their mother.”


Sameh Zakaria blew a new surprise on the subject of his crisis with his wife, the Egyptian actress Hala Sidqi, and related to his children, in a telephone conversation with the program (“The Citizen”) presented by the journalist Syed Ali on the screen of the channel (Al-Hadath Today).Sameh Zakaria claimed that Hala Sidqi was not the real mother of the children and she was the first to start resorting to the judiciary, stressing: “I admit that these are 100% of my children, but Hala is not their real mother.”

He added that the artist performed two pregnancy surgeries, but they failed, explaining: “Hala implanted eggs from another woman without my knowledge, so I ask for a DNA analysis.”

He explained: “I have all the documents that prove that the artist Hala Sidqi had implanted eggs from another woman, and this topic was only discovered a month and a half ago and this happened in London.”

He continued, “I am asking the Attorney General to conduct the DNA analysis of the artist Hala Sidqi, and to reserve all the videos in which Hala attacked me .. She offered reconciliation to Hala more than once, but she refused and threatened me with imprisonment as she did with her first husband.”

Hala Sidqi had responded through the same program, describing what is happening as a “tax to fame and emphasized that she has all the love and respect for the husband because he is the father of her children.”

Hala Sidqi confirmed that her pregnancy was natural and that she became pregnant and gave birth in Egypt and said, “If I wanted to do something like that, I would have traveled to America.”


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