Watch .. after bed sheet Elisa appears in underwear in her new album


Very recently, the Lebanese singer Elissa announced the release of her new album, “Sahibat Rai”.

Elisa published the photo session for the new album, where she appeared in a group of dresses, most of which were black.

Elisa selected a dress designed by “Brandon Maxwell” from the Fall-Winter 2017 collection, in which she appeared by actress Michelle Monaghan at the “Vanity Fair”, and the price reaches $ 3,200.

Because of that look, she received many accusations of resembling her with singer Najwa Karam because of the hair accessory, but these accusations are not true, because Elisa’s hair accessory is similar to what Ember Hurd appeared in the “Met Gala” ceremony for 2018, and Najwa Karam appeared in a sun-shaped accessory.

Elisa did not change and chose another black dress also from the brand “Miu Miu”, encrusted with crystals, and it appeared that she appeared in it in a clip “hated me”, and the price reaches 4190 dollars.

She also appeared on the cover of the album with “Bodysuit” from “Skims” for $ 68, which is a lingerie designed to increase the body’s thinner.

Also the choices of a dress made of satin, “Slip Dress.”

The songs of Elisa’s new album, “Sahibet Rai”, were launched in early August by the company “Rotana” on “YouTube”.

Today, 15 songs have been published, “A mistake in time”, “On the sense of our story”, “Great”, “Listen to me”, “To God”, “Lake on your own”, “Our songs” and “I will consider you dead”, And “A Love of Interest”, “I liken you”, “We Love Life”, “Permissible Lake”, and “Inta Qasadi”, alongside a famous song by Dalida in French, is Mourir sur scène, and the song “Her Opinion”, which Issued later.


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