Video Nancy Ajram’s business manager reveals the details of her husband’s injury after that


07:22 PM

Wednesday 05 August 2020

Books – Hani Saber:

Gigi Lamara, director of the Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram’s work, was keen to reassure her fans of her condition after the explosion, which occurred on Tuesday evening in Beirut, and revealed the damages that affected her husband’s clinic Fadi Al Hashim.

“The clinic was destroyed, and her husband was hit in the head and back after the glass was smashed,” Lamara said, in an audio recording of the Et Arabic program. As for Nancy, she is well sitting at home, which is far from the site of the bombing.

It is noteworthy that a painful explosion occurred on Tuesday evening in the port of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and caused nearly 200 dead and thousands of injured, as well as the demolition of homes and the destruction of cars.


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