Video Anushka: I am tired of my money .. This is the reason I changed me from Mohamed Salah


The star Anushka revealed her memories of Eid Al-Adha and her smugglingEid sheepShe also recounted her memories at school and her relationship with the late artist Please Al-Jeddawi, And behind the scenes of her artwork, and the reason for her jealousy from the star Mohamed Salah, during a meeting with her on the evening “DMC”, with the media Ramy Radwan.

Anushka recounted her father’s reaction after her smuggling Eid sheep Before it was slaughtered, she said: “I had 12 years and there was a relationship between me and the lamb and I decided to smuggle the lamb before it was slaughtered. Indeed, I managed to get him to the Ismailia Square where I live, and my father saw me and took a leech from Baba.”

She indicated that she does not like the sight of blood in general, and that Eid al-Fitr is for her the holiday because she loves the atmosphere of cakes and the family’s wig.

Anushka stressed the need to treat the animal gently, pointing to raising the animal at home is not a sign, but rather learning to take responsibility, explaining that the idea of ​​raising the spirit of “an animal” or dealing gently with an “elderly” and “child” for her is number one.

Anushka revealed that she is jealous of the star Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian national team and the Liverpool club, for his accomplishments.

And about the artist Please Al-JeddawiAnushka said, we together filmed the series “Sweetness of the World” and “Please Al-Jeddawi“And she always told me: You enter the house, worries will be kept on the door,” noting that the late artist was a symbol of knitting for her.

The star spoke about her experience as a broadcaster in the “Anushka Salon”, saying: “” The chair of the broadcaster is much more difficult than the guest chair, because he must be present and interested in every detail of the program. ”

She added, “I was terrified on the first day when I registered the Anushka Salon program and enjoyed the feedback after its presentation.”

The star pointed out, that she is deficient in the right of the singer Anushka, and she wished to sing “Long live Egypt“On stage, and to convey the image of Egypt in a way we are proud of.

Anushka said, that she learned from her father to learn the need she wanted to do by herself, and that she used to stand with the workers herself, explaining: “The sweet word raises the snake from its hole … and I got tired in my money so that I could stand up to my need until it was done as I want.”

She added: “The Egyptian woman differed from time, and she is now required of many needs that work and help in income, while caring for her home, her children, and her husband.”

Anushka recalled her memories with the school, and she was separated for a week after she beat her classmate in the schoolyard, because of an amorous answer.


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