Verstappen was “lucky and unlucky” with second place after Mercedes tire problems


After being alone in third place, Vertsaben and unexpectedly moved up to second on lap 50 after the left front tire perforated the Potas car. And since the Dutchman was not under threat from one of the drivers behind due to the comfortable difference he enjoyed, and because Hamilton was alone in the lead as well, the Austrian barn saw the introduction of Vierstaben to the maintenance area in order to record the fastest lap in the last minute.

However, in the meantime, Hamilton had the same problem in his car tire as he slowed down in order to reach the finish line as he succeeded in his mission using the remaining three tires.

Hamilton cut the finish line by 5.8 seconds from Vierstaben, which means that if the Dutchman had not made his extra pause he would have won the race.

Frastaben explained his frustration to his team over the radio, but quickly tempered his feelings by saying, “We did a good job. Good points. Good platform. We did a good job. We should be happy with second place … but when that happens … anyway. It’s still good. “

Speaking to the media after the end of the race, Vershtappen again expressed his happiness in second place, saying, “I was lucky and unlucky at the same time. Mercedes was of course very fast in the race. The tires were not in good shape with 10 laps remaining at the end of the race when I said Team: Guys, the right front tire doesn’t look good. “

“Then the hole got under the potash car, where we stopped to score the fastest lap in the race. Then of course the same problem happened with Hamilton. But you know, I’m happy with second place. It’s a good result for us again.”

“I was alone in the race (before the accident). I was trying to manage my pace and look after my tires,” he concluded.


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