Verstappen realized early on that Mercedes had tire problems


Red Bull Driver Max Verstappen revealed that from the early stages of the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix, the fifth round of the 2020 Formula 1 World Championship season, the Mercedes had a problem with tires.

Verstappen’s Red Bull ‘RB16’ has demonstrated the ability to handle Pirelli tires effectively.

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Verstappen enjoyed a high pace and ability to outrun the Mercedes duo through a strategy that allowed him to make his first stop and return to the circuit between the Mercedes duo Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton.

However, Verstappen only needed a few hundred meters after the first maintenance stop before he could overtake Bottas, and thus control his control at the top of the race, achieving his first victory, Unexpected according to his opinionIn the 2020 season.

“After the end of the race,” said Verstappen, who was described by Red Bull manager Christian Horner With an amazing team effort“I was trying to control and maintain my tires from the start, but I knew that the Mercedes tires were finished.”

He continued: “I could see cracks in those tires, just as I expected this to happen with them because their car was heavy at that stage of the race with a lot of fuel in the first laps.. I didn’t want to be behind them, as happened in past races. When I had the opportunity to pressure them, I wanted to do it right away. ”

وأضاف: “I tried to overtake Lewis Hamilton one lap at the corner 13But chasing another car is very difficult even with the tire advantage. But after that, it was impossible to continue Mercedes, and the two drivers made maintenance stops, at which point my race began. ”

He continued: “In the early stages I did not want to reduce my speed and lack of pressure, I hate that, especially when the performance of the car is strong.. Sometimes that may be like suicide, as it leads to great damage to the tires, but fortunately this did not happen with us.


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