Varane apologizes for defeating Real Madrid against City for committing two serious mistakes (video)




Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane announced his responsibility for the team’s defeat by Manchester City (1-2) on Friday evening, in the second leg of the Champions League 16th round.

Varane committed two fatal errors that resulted in two goals for Manchester City, who renewed their victory over Real Madrid with the same score (2-1), and reached the quarter-finals of the “Champions League”.

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Watch ... a fatal mistake leads to an early goal in Real Madrid's goal

“I want to face the fans and admit my mistakes. I am responsible for Real Madrid’s loss. It is completely my responsibility,” Varane said after the match.

He added, “We were in good shape and preparations were really good before the match, but when you make mistakes, you pay a high price.”

He explained, “Such mistakes should not happen. A very complicated and difficult night for me.”

“But as a man, I must take responsibility and admit the mistake. I am sad for the sake of my team-mates who gave everything on the field. I am responsible today.”

Real Madrid was affected by the absence of its captain and the rock of his defense, Sergio Ramos, because of the punishment penalty.

It is noteworthy that Manchester City hit a date, in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, with Lyon, who was surprised by a heavy caliber, by qualifying at the expense of Juventus.

Source: Agencies


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