US spacecraft “Endeavor” separated from the International Space Station .. video


The American SpaceX Crew Dragon “Endeavor”, with astronauts Robert Pinkin and Douglas Hurley, separated from the International Space Station on Saturday, after completing a two-month mission. And NASA announced that the spacecraft was separated from a unit Harmony, “on the International Space Station, at seven thirty-five minutes from yesterday evening” 23-35 GMT. ”

According to the agency, two very small engines, the combustion process, separated the spacecraft from the International Space Station, and the spacecraft is slowly moving away from the orbital laboratory, in an orbital path that will safely return the astronauts and their payloads to Earth, according to Russia today.

Subsequently, the spacecraft will carry out four burning operations, leaving independently to push the spacecraft away from the International Space Station, and begin the return journey to Earth. The two American astronauts arrived at the International Space Station aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft on May 31. .

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