US Election 2020: Trump challenges Biden to take a doping test before their first debate


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Biden, right, faces President Trump in three live televised debates.

US President Donald Trump has called for he and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, to undergo stimulant drug abuse tests before their first debate next month.

Trump told The Washington Examiner that he had noticed a surprising improvement in Biden’s performance in the Democrats’ televised debates.

The president did not provide any evidence that his opponent may be taking stimulant drugs other than saying “I’m very good at these things.”

Biden and Trump will hold three debates before the November 3 election.

And in 2016, Trump indicated that his then Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, had been “enthusiastic” in her ahead of their discussions and demanded that she take a drug test before their last live TV debate.

The Clinton camp ignored the challenge it faced.

On Wednesday, the president – who is due to deliver his keynote address at the Republican convention on Thursday – made a similar claim, arguing that Biden’s debating ability had improved significantly in the last debate.

Trump said the former US vice president “wasn’t even holding on” during 11 live televised debates in a crowded field of contestants during the Democratic primary season.

By the time of the last debate on March 15, the competition had narrowed to be between Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Trump told the Washington Examiner: “I don’t know what it was [السيد بايدن] Very incompetent in his performance in the debate, then all of a sudden he is okay against Bernie. ”

“It wasn’t that it was Winston Churchill because it wasn’t,” he said, “but it was a normal, boring discussion.”

“You know, nothing remarkable has happened. We will call for drug testing because there is no way, you cannot do it,” he said.

“Well, it’s a prize battle,” Trump said of the debates. It’s no different from wrestlers, except that we have to use our brains and our mouths. Our body to stand up. I want everyone standing up, they want to sit. ”

The three presidential debates will be held in Cleveland, Ohio, on September 29 and in Miami, Florida, on October 15 and Nashville, Tennessee, on October 22.

Trump requested that additional debates be scheduled with Biden, but the Presidential Debating Committee refused. He then called for the first debate to take place earlier, so that early voters who cast their votes could benefit, but again to no avail.

Trump, 74, and Biden, 77, both taunted that the other was suffering from dementia.


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