Two new infections in Corona in Saida and the municipality invite those involved to conduct free PCR exams in Saida Governmental Hospital


Statement No. 2 was issued by the Crisis and Disaster Management Chamber and the Health and Environment Committee in the Municipality of Saida, in which it stated:After announcing that they are infected with Corona virus, the municipality of Saida, who is in contact with Mr. Assem Seven Eyes, and Mrs. Hanaa Arabin, who adhere to the mandatory quarantine each in his home, are invited to conduct free PCR laboratory tests that will be carried out by the municipality of Saida in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Epidemiological Observatory on Wednesday, 5-8-2020, from ten thirty in the morning until twelve o’clock in the afternoon in Saida Governmental Hospital – Emergency Department, so please all those who are in contact with Mr. Assem Sabaa Ain and Mrs. Hana Arab Al-Sen, to be present to take the necessary examination on the date mentioned above.

The municipality calls on all citizens to abide by the official health preventive instructions issued by the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities to prevent the spread of the virus in society. It also calls on them not to hesitate to report any injury to take preventive measures, and to refer to the Crisis and Disaster Cell and the Health and Environment Committee to take the correct information and the necessary preventive measures in this framework and adhere to it exclusively.


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