Two men accused of murdering rapper Jam Master Jay 18 years after the crime


The 37-year-old musician was shot in the head (Getty)

I drew two people in New York The accusation of murdering singer Jam Master Jay, one of the pioneers of rap music, 18 years after the crime committed in 2002, and is likely the motive Drugs.

The 37-year-old musician and founder of the trilogy “Rann-deMieC” was shot in the head in New York on October 30, 2002, in a recording studio in Queens.

A solemn funeral was held for him in Allen Cathedral, which included famous rap celebs of that period, including L.L. Cole Jay. And Queen Latifah, as well as thousands of people.

On Monday, the Federal District Attorney in Brooklyn announced that Carl Jordan Jr., 36, and Ronald Washington, 56, longtime suspects in the crime that immediately appeared to be a settling of scores, were charged with murder linked to the cocaine trade.

Jordan Junior is also charged with eight other counts of cocaine selling. On Sunday, he was arrested and pleaded not guilty to the two charges during a short videoconference.

As for Ronald Washington, who is already imprisoned, he will appear at a date yet to be determined.

The two men face a minimum of 20 years in prison, up to life imprisonment or the death penalty if convicted of Ali, according to Attorney General Seth Ducharme.

The attorney general said that on October 30, 2002, the two armed men entered a recording studio in the Jamaica borough of Queens. While Ronald Washington was a witness to the ground, Carl Jordan, at the age of 18, approached Jam Master Jay and fired two shots at him “in cold blood” from a short distance, killing the rapper and wounding another in the foot.

A group of rappers were shot dead between 1995 and 2002, among them Tupac Shakur in 1996 and Notorious Pig in 1997.

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