Turkish club prepares to start negotiations to borrow Mohamed El-Nene from Arsenal


Turkish club seeks to obtain player services Mohammed Al-Nini, From Arsenal FC, this summer’s transfer season.

The Egyptian player spent the 2019/2020 season on loan with the Turkish Besiktas Club.

There has been a lot of speculation in the recent period about the future of El Nene, as it was linked to the possibility of staying in Besiktas on loan for another season, or under a permanent transfer deal.

However, it appears that the issue of El Nini not receiving his financial dues for the past few months in Besiktas may lead to the failure of this step.

According to the English network “Turkish-Football”, Turkish club Tarabon Spur is looking forward to obtain Al Nini services this summer.

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She explained that Trabzonspor plans to use Al-Nini services on loan.

She noted, according to a source from the Trabzonspor club, that Mohammed Al-Nini is one of their most prominent goals in the upcoming summer transfer period.

It reported that Trabzon officials are confident of their ability to reach an agreement with Arsenal in the coming period.

According to the same network, Trabzonspor has already started talks with El Nini’s agent to discuss the possibility of his inclusion.

She confirmed that Trabzonspor was waiting for the green light from Arsenal to start formal negotiations between the two clubs.

Al-Nene has a contract with Arsenal until 2022.

And if El Nini is not included in the coach’s future plans Michael Artita Next season, Arsenal might not mind lending it to any club again.


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