Turkish artist Humira Akbay finds her son dead in his home


Elaf from Beirut: The Turkish artist, Humira Akbay, was mourned by the death of her 47-year-old son, Sadiq Begat, at his home when she visited him.

According to the Turkish newspaper “Hurriyet”, communication with her son was cut off for two days and she was unable to reach him, so she decided to go to his home to check on him, to find him dead, amidst a state of amazement and conversations about whether the death was natural or due to an accident, because the cause of death was not announced.
The newspaper reported that the funeral of the deceased will take place today, and he is her son from her husband Medhat Bigat, with whom she was related in 1972 for seven years.

The news spread with lightning speed among the pioneers of social networking sites, as the most famous accounts concerned with Turkish affairs shared it on Twitter, and commented: “The actress Humira, who had not received any news from her 47-year-old son in the previous two days, went to his home and found that he had passed away.” .
Humira is a Turkish actress and singer, born on October 15, 1947. She showed her several Arab works, including the series “Inna Dreams,” and her last work was the series “Woman” on the “Ya Hala Al-Oula” channel on OSN.


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