Turkey responds to accusing it of “Saudi and non-Saudi” accounts of desperate for al-Hasa


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The official Turkish Anadolu News Agency published a report punishing it for what it described as “hostile reports” accusing Ankara of cutting off water from the Syrian region of Hasaka and “scaring its population”, as part of a campaign that it said was launching and in which accounts were shared. Saudi and non-Saudi, as well as accounts for the Syrian regime and Israeli accounts.

The Turkish agency said in its report: “Turkey has nothing to do with the thirst of Syrians in Hasakah from near or far, as is the case with its allied factions, which have also been accused by many of the tweeters .. The real cause of thirst for the residents of Hasaka is the Autonomous Administration controlled by terrorist organizations. The affiliate of the PKK terrorist organization, which did not allow the return of electricity to the city of Ras al-Ain in the northern countryside of Hasaka until Saturday, August 22nd, when this was’ allowed to make a ‘partial breakthrough of the crisis.’

The agency added in its report: “The terrorist organization did not respond over the past few days except after campaigns launched by activists to put pressure on the organization and supply the city of Ras al-Ain with the electrical current necessary to operate the water pumping station … and sources were in the local councils of the Syrian cities of Ras al-Ain and Tal Abyad, east of the Euphrates. I have confirmed to local media that the terrorist organization PKK / PYD is the main responsible for cutting off water to the residents of Hasakah and its environs due to cutting off electricity to the (Alouk) water pumping station, as the electricity comes from the areas of the terrorist organization, and therefore Turkey has nothing to do with the matter at all. “.

The Turkish agency’s report concluded, “So the truth is simply that terrorist organizations, after failing in the battlefields, have resorted to media war, by employing their control over the sources of electric power distribution and deliberately cutting off the electrical current that technically cuts off the water supply, in order to mobilize public opinion against The Syrian factions and against Turkey are exploiting the suffering of a million people through their thirst.


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