Trump attacks tech billionaires and points out that Amazon founder earned 48 billion dollars during the Corona pandemic


                    Trump called for a change in the status quo with the rise in the income gap between Americans, pointing to Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, for nearly 49 billion dollars during the pandemic of the Corona virus emerging                        </p><div><div data-swiftype-name="body" data-swiftype-type="text"><p>The enmity between billionaires Jeff Bezos and Donald Trump is not hidden, as the Washington Post owned by Jeff Bezos lurks President Donald Trump and always embarrasses embarrassing leaks against him, and it seems that Trump has begun to respond by attacking the wealth of Jeff Bezos, especially since the latter has made billions of dollars in the pandemic of Coffed 19.

Trump reprinted a Business Insider report on income inequality and the report showed that Bezos, the world’s richest man with a wealth of more than $ 117 billion, had raised $ 48 billion between March and June. Meanwhile, Zoom Yuan CEO Eric Yuan saw his income increase by $ 2.5 billion, while former Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer and owner of Los Angeles Clippers now made $ 15.7 billion.

Collectively, billionaires in America made a total of $ 637 billion during the height of a global health crisis that otherwise devastated the economy, according to BI.

Actually I agree with this. Too much income disparity! Changes must be made soon! Trump said on Twitter.