Trump accepts his party’s nomination and attacks the Democrats



Al Ain News
US President Donald Trump said, Friday, that he accepted the Republican Party’s nomination for him to run for the next presidential elections, stressing that it would be the most important election in his country’s history.

During his speech, Trump called on voters to choose between destroying America’s fate, “referring to his opponent, Joe Biden,” or creating jobs and recovering the economy.

The US President pledged to work to defeat the Corona virus and find a vaccine before the end of this year, and he continued, “We have 4 vaccines in their final stages, and the death rate from the Corona virus in the United States is declining.”

Trump also launched an attack on his opponent Biden, saying: “The Democratic candidate and those with him are sowing division in our country and not seeing our country as the most free country and selling illusion to the toiling citizens.”

Republican President Donald Trump said, “If the Democrats and the hard-line left come to power, they will destroy our country,” and made clear that they do not stand in the way of chaos.

On the international level, the US President emphasized that he withdrew from the nuclear agreement with Iran because it was a terrible and inappropriate agreement, and he also praised his country’s strength in eliminating ISIS and its leader Al-Baghdadi, and the terrorist Qassem Soleimani.

Trump also thanked the United Arab Emirates and Israel for the peace treaty, saying, “It is the first political agreement of its kind in 25 years.”


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