To encourage travelers … United Airlines permanently cancels amendment fees on tickets


The American company “United Airlines” announced the cancellation of fees for permanently changing travel dates on all ticket classes, and for unlimited times within the United States, according to “Washington Post“.

The announcement by the prestigious American airline comes to encourage the travel industry and increase the demand for buying tickets after the outbreak of the new Corona virus, which struck the tourism industry after most countries closed their borders.

Most airlines in the world waived ticket-changing fees during the pandemic, but this is only for a temporary period.

United joined rival Southwest Airlines, which also does not charge a change fee for tickets.

In addition, the American company will allow customers to travel on waiting lists for free on flights departing on their specific travel day, regardless of the type or category of the ticket, starting January 1.

The travel industry has been hit by a severe crisis due to the drop in demand due to the epidemic, as airlines struggle to reduce losses caused by stopping their aircraft at airports.

Many employees working for international airlines have lost their jobs. Given this crisis, which is considered the worst for the travel and tourism sector in decades.

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby said, “Change is inevitable these days. When we hear from customers about services that could be improved, getting rid of ticket change fees is often the most important request.”

Kirby added, “After previous difficult times, airlines made difficult decisions to stay, sometimes these decisions were at the expense of customer service, but United Airlines will not follow the same rules of the game when we come out of this crisis, we are looking for new ways to serve our customers better.”

The fees collected from changing tickets are profitable income for airlines, as US companies earned $ 2.8 billion from these fees in 2019, equivalent to 1.4% of total operating income.


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