Thwarting a criminal plot to smuggle a ton of hashish into the Kingdom – Saudi Arabia News


Border guards foiled a scheme to smuggle large quantities of narcotic hashish into the kingdom through the southern border.

The spokesman for the Border Guard, Lieutenant Colonel Mesfer Al-Quraini, stated that the necessary measures were taken immediately according to a joint security plan with the General Directorate for Drug Control, thwarting this criminal plot and seizing narcotic substances that amounted to 948 kilograms of hashish, and arresting her future, a citizen of the masters Precedents in the Riyadh region.

The spokesperson for the Border Guard confirmed that the security men will continue to carry out their duties with high determination to confront all attempts to smuggle across the borders, and to arrest all those who are tempted to violate the laws and instructions of the countries that criminalize smuggling, promotion, and drug abuse in all its forms and types, stressing that they will stand an impenetrable block in the face of all Whoever tries to disturb the security of the homeland and target its youth and its capabilities with these poisons.


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