This is her ritual on the feast .. Nelly Karim reveals her children’s position regarding her marriage


This is her ritual on the feast .. Nelly Karim reveals her children’s position regarding her marriage

Actress Nelly Karim revealed new secrets about her personal life and the story of love that she lives in those days, and what she used most during the holiday, stressing that she used to get the “Eid” holiday from her father in the company of her brother throughout her life, and that was one of the most important aspects of celebrating the holiday, as well as she loves To give Eidiya to her children.

She added, during a phone call to the “Ninth Program” presented by Wael Al-Ibrashi and artist Najwa Ibrahim on the first channel on Egyptian television, with the episode of “Eid Al-Eid”: “I will definitely get the Eid from my fiance on the first day of the Eid, and Nelly confirmed that Eid is not limited For money only, the sweet word is Eid, and the question is Eid, and the biggest Eid I get when I meet my children, ”according to (her magazine).

When asked about her personal life and the love story that she lives in those days, Nelly Karim Al-Bouh refused with any details and said: “I love that my personal life be a closed box, the audience only cares about my artwork and when I do any press interview or meeting it is always on the occasion of the presentation of a new series or movie. ”

She said: “I don’t love to publish my personal life, we do not know anything about the personal lives of journalists.” She added that love is an essential thing in every person’s life, pointing out that she lives a love story now crowned with engagement, indicating that she will marry and there is a family consensus on the groom.

In response to the presenter’s question about her children, did they agree to the new husband, she said: “The boys are okay with it.” Nelly indicated that she celebrates Eid days with her children and that the great technological development did not affect the Egyptian revenues and traditions during the celebration of occasions and holidays.

And about the series “With 100 Wush” that she presented during the last month of Ramadan, she said: “I deliberately got out of the framework of complicated personalities, as all the series she presented such as“ That ”and“ Al-Nsa Prison ”and others, were figures that had problems, so I decided this year to Out of this, thanks to the producer and artist Jamal Al-Adl, we agreed to present a comic work, so I needed to laugh and be happy in filming, and the monument in the series was presented in a comic form and not in a demonic or harmful way, just as the movie “Thieves but good-looking” and others were presented. Just .

Commenting on the opinions of some artists, dictating conditions not to provide intimate scenes, she said: “I think that every artist, whether an actor or director, is free in his choices, but I like to present the true feelings in my work, and also if I present, for example, Romeo and Polit, would it be correct for Romeo to stand with his beloved Pollett is five meters away, and when she dies how will he be able to save her without touching her, she continues, “I do not like to present scenes ashamed of her later, even if I will present a love story it must appear in the appropriate manner as it was in the old movies.”


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