“They send us the garbage of their industries” … Jordan and “selflessness” in exchange for the Saudi neighbor and the cost of “bureaucratic blame.”


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Bassam Badarin

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Amman – «Al Quds Al Arabi»: The enthusiasm surrounding these days with the file of Jordanian-Emirati and Jordanian-Egyptian relations is less than their level and is noticeably attributed to observers when it comes to the file of Jordanian-Saudi relations, amid a regional hub in which the Jordanian government system achieves the highest levels of alignment and axis within the standards Saudi.
But this alignment does not lead, or has not yet played, a productive role in framing partly economic or investment partnership, nor frame high-level political consultations, at a time when the government of Oman has rushed to the fullest potential of courtesy and self-denial at times during the Corona pandemic crisis by maintaining the borders With Saudi Arabia open to the movement of goods and trucks, although the segment of truck drivers has turned into a stressful burden on the Jordanian epidemiological investigation committees. And despite the fact that the border with Saudi Arabia has turned into a focus for exporting virus infections through foreigners. In any case, Jordan did this in order to ensure that relations remain fraternal as possible with the Saudi neighbor, and the most important thing is that it did so in order to protect the tens of thousands of Jordanians working in neighboring Saudi Arabia, and in order to empower them as much as possible so that their collective return does not constitute a complication that adds to the complications.

Admire the “Egyptian model” and alliance enthusiasm with Abu Dhabi, and the communications are still suffering with Riyadh

It is clear in the context that the essential files that are disputed between Abu Dhabi and Riyadh and on more than one level, implicitly affect the level of balance in Jordanian alliances with the rest of the Gulf Club system, Oman’s relationships in Abu Dhabi are prosperous, active and horizontal and include many files.
Oman’s relations with Cairo, under President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi within the Saudi axis, are also interactive and closer to the undeclared alliance, and it is logically based today on the idea of ​​Jordanians admiring the Egyptian experience, an admiration that affects some joints, especially in the context of preserving economic collapse and the major role in the context Investment for the Egyptian Armed Forces.
Nevertheless, this excessive enthusiasm is not reflected in the area of ​​the alliance between Amman and Riyadh, despite the fact that the relations are at their best conditions, as confirmed to “Al-Quds Al-Arabi” an important official in Jordan, and as announced several times by Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi. Of course this happens for a reason.
Meanwhile, some joints, observations and impressions that imply a low level of chemistry in Saudi-Jordanian relations are prominent, although the former Saudi ambassador to Amman, Prince Khalid bin Faisal, left his post after a meal of contradictions that sometimes silenced Jordanians silently.
While inspecting an important industrial project in Jordan, senior officials heard an evaluation phrase related to the crowding imposed by the Saudi food industries as they invade the Jordanian market. One industrialist said enthusiastically and loudly: “Frankly, the brothers in Saudi Arabia send us the garbage of industry.”
It seems that that phrase, which was not subject to scrutiny and evaluation in fact, sounded like a bell in the ears of Jordanian institutions, so it ended up being keen on evaluation and follow-up and with a negative feeling among Jordanians that enshrines an old political conviction, which is that the big Saudi brother is still insisting on dealing with his Jordanian neighbor as a political geography only .
But Saudi aid, which was also hoped for, especially after the engagement with the Corona virus, did not appear on the screen, and the radar. What comes from Riyadh through some sensing rings is that message that apologizes for financial and economic solidarity on the basis of problems in Saudi financial expenditures at this stage. And Oman here originally stopped years ago for any bet related to Saudi financial aid.
And he began thinking seriously, not so long ago, of the need to work within the principle of self-reliance, which is what I heard «Arab Jerusalem» twice practically; The first is in the words of Prime Minister Dr. Omar Al-Razzaz as he talks about “weaning” aid, and the second is through the Minister of Finance Dr. Muhammad Al-Asas explaining the theory of self-reliance and economic growth through Jordanian capabilities and national facts only.
Meanwhile, the Saudi neighbor nominates what suggests the bitter bureaucratic threshold when it comes to a series of investment projects that Prince Mohammed bin Salman had promised, and for which five years ago he formed a fund with a legal umbrella to direct investments worth several billion dollars to Jordan this time under the sign of “mutual benefit” .
The bureaucratic blame here includes vague indications of delayed licenses on the Jordanian side, an unjustified refusal to direct investments in the field of higher academic and medical education, and incomprehensible Jordanian bureaucratic evasions that contribute to delaying the promise of the Saudi Fund’s investments, but because the high-level political relations are diminishing to a point. What, bureaucratic impressions do not discuss the two sides frankly.
And here, this happens even though the new Saudi ambassador to Amman, Nayef bin Bandar Al-Sudairy, hosted a coordination meeting on Corona, attended by Jordanian ministers, while the ambassador himself shows an extensive set of diplomatic courtesies and keenness to revive and revive economic cooperation with constant spin in his second country, Jordan.


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