The Welsh coach reveals a strange reason for not talking to Zidane about Bale’s crisis



Wales coach Ryan Giggs confirmed that he did not discuss the problems that Welsh national footballer Gareth Bale suffers at Real Madrid, with the technical director of the royal club, French Zinedine Zidane.

“I always tell Bill that if he wants to speak, I will listen and I will be happy to help him. He is a player with sufficient experience and professionalism to take care of himself,” Giggs said in a press conference held today, Monday, before his team’s match against Finland in the European Nations League qualifiers scheduled for next Thursday. But I will be there anytime if I need to speak. ”

After this comment, Giggs was asked whether he had spoken with Real Madrid coach Zidane, about Bale’s state of mind or about his future, and the Manchester United legend replied: “I did not speak with Zidane, my French and Spanish are not very good .. So I will escape from this (Question) ) “.

But after the journalists insisted on obtaining a convincing answer for not communicating with Zidane, Giggs replied in a more serious tone: “I did not speak with Zidane about Bill’s crisis because his English is not good enough.”

Bale joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2013 from the English club Tottenham Hotspur, and at that time he was the most expensive player in the world, costing the “Merengue” treasury nearly 100 million euros.

The level of the Welsh winger has declined terribly during the last two seasons, as he was initially absent from the royal team’s matches due to his many injuries and their renewal, but after his recovery, he became excluded from the basic Real Madrid squad for technical reasons, and sometimes for disciplinary reasons by a decision by Zidane.

Bale, 31, is still the highest-paid player in Real Madrid with his current contract, which ends in 2022, and gets 14.5 million euros net annually, and for this reason Real Madrid wanted to get rid of him last summer, but the offers that “Meringue” received did not Be tempting.

Source: Agencies


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