The Weeknd donates $ 300,000 to the victims of the Beirut bombing … and so Rima Fakih thanked him


The Canadian singer “The Weekend” donated $ 300,000 to the victims of the Beirut bombing, as part of the global campaign launched by Wasim and Rima Al-Salibi.Wasim Al-Salibi, the director of “The Weekend”, revealed that he donated a post on his Instagram account, and confirmed that the money would be provided to the Lebanese Red Cross and the Children’s Cancer Center in Lebanon.

Salibi wrote: “I am honored to work with artists who care deeply about the world and now to our brothers and sisters in Lebanon who are in pain and need our collective assistance… I would like to thank my brother The Wickend for his generous and wonderful behavior by donating $ 300,000 to the Global Aid Campaign for Lebanon.”

As for Rima Fakih, she thanked the godfather of her son, “The Weekend”, with a post in which she wrote: “I thank you from the bottom of my heart … It is difficult to find words to describe the wonderful person that you really are. You have a heart of gold, our son is blessed to invite you to his spiritual father.”


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