The UEFA Champions League … a student and teacher confrontation between Nagelsmann and Tuchel


Today, Monday, in the Champions League semi-final match between Leipzig and Paris Saint-Germain, the French club has a special flavor, because it brings together student Julian Nagelsmann and teacher Thomas Tuchel, who was behind the start of the first in the world of training 12 years ago.

Nagelsmann sets his sights on entering history from the widest of its doors at the expense of his compatriot Tuchel and Paris Saint-Germain, after he beat two coaches in the previous two rounds by eliminating Jose Mourinho and his English team, Tottenham, and the 2019 runners-up, by winning it back and forth, then Argentine Diego Simeone with Atletico Madrid.

When the 33-year-old faced Simeone in the quarter-finals of the mini-tournament imposed by the new Corona virus, many considered that Leipzig’s achievement would stop at this point, especially as he faces an experienced team and an experienced coach, but the team that was playing in the Provincial League when it was founded, in 2009, He continued his advance and toppled Atletico by defeating him, last week with two goals to one in Lisbon.

Thanks to this qualification, Nagelsmann became the youngest coach to reach the semi-finals of the continental championship, standing one game away from leading Leipzig to the final in his second participation in the Champions League, after the 2017-2018 season, when his campaign ended in the first round.

The next hurdle awaiting Nagelsmann and Leipzig is the French capital club, which finally succeeded in breaking its contract with the Champions League and reached the semi-finals for the second time in its history after 1995, hoping to become only the second French club to win the title after Marseille, in 1993.

Coincidentally, Nagelsmann faces the coach who was behind his training beginnings 12 years ago when he was coach of the reserve team for Augsburg in 2008.

“Sure, I was his player, but that was many years ago, now … I am like him,” said Nagelsma, adding: “The matches against Thomas are always interesting, because he has a very good idea of ​​how to play football.”

He added, “I hope that I will also succeed in finding the necessary ideas against him so that Shabani can perform the way they played against Atletico. I played several times against him as a coach, but I rarely beat him.”

As coach of his former club Hoffenheim, Nagelsmann lost twice to Tuchel, when the latter was coach of Borussia Dortmund between 2016 and 2017.

About the next opponent, SG, Nagelsmann said: “They clearly have the talent.”

Nagelsmann stressed the need “to give our best performance in order to reach the final.”

It was not my teacher

Nagelsmann was forced to retire from football at the age of 20 years due to a knee injury, while he was occupying a position before defense in the reserve team for Augsburg, so he asked him to take over the scouting for the team.

That was “a practical decision since Augsburg was still paying me. I was pursuing the litigants for access,” Nagelsmann said in a 2015 interview, revealing that they were not very close and that Takhil was “not my teacher, even if many referred to him as being” As well”.

He continued, “Our relationship was just a work relationship, but I am grateful to him for giving me the idea to become a coach.”

Tuchel then moved to coach Mainz and Dortmund, who won the German Cup in 2017, before joining Paris Saint-Germain in 2018 and leading the latter to win the league two seasons in a row.

At this time, Nagelsmann was gaining experience by coaching youth teams in Augsburg, Munich 1860, and Hoffenheim who became coach of his first team, in February 2016, as a result of the resignation of Dutchman Hope Stevens for health reasons.

When Nagelsmann took over the task at the beginning of the 2016-2017 season, according to the contract that made him the youngest coach in the history of the German League, at 28 years old, Hoffenheim was in seventeenth place before the last, but he succeeded at the end of the season by keeping him in the limelight league, which contributed to his achievement. Coach of the Year Award.


Hoffenheim made his way between the top four in the next two seasons, led by Nagelsmann, which allowed him to run for the Champions League for the first time in the club’s history, but the career ended at the group stage, in the 2018-2019 season.

And he contributed to transforming Hoffenheim into a stubborn team that succeeded in toppling the giant Bayern Munich twice, one of them with two unanswered goals at the “Allianz Arena”, the stronghold of the Bavarian team, in 2017.

His success with Hoffenheim made him the focus of attention for Leipzig, owned by the Austrian energy drink company “Red Bull”. He joined him at the beginning of the current season and led him to finish the league in third place.

Nagelsmann and Toukall will be on a date with history for their two teams aspiring to be in the final scheduled for next Sunday, after more than a decade has passed since their spell together in the reserve team for Augsburg, where the winner of them will be on a date with the winner of another German-French confrontation between Bayern Munich and Lyon in the final.

Nagelsmann said that St. Germain’s quarter-final victory over Atalanta had lifted a “heavy burden” for Toukhl, who was under great pressure to reach the role of four, adding: “I am happy for him.”

However, Nagelsmann insists that any friendly exchange with Toukhal before kick-off will be mere appearances; Because “this is what the media would like to see, except that it does not exist in the real world of football.”


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