The “The Voice Kids” star surprises the audience with her appearance and responds to the truth of her marriage


The features of the contestant contestant program, The Voice Kids, have changed The Voice KidsMoroccan Nahila Al-Qalai, since she appeared on his stage before 4 Years, and her first song, “Al Asami”, which she presented to the late artist Zikra, received wide echoes between the jury and the public..

Al-Qali looked so different in her appearance that some followers did not believe that she was the same contestant in The Voice Kids, after she had grown up and became a beautiful young woman..

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The difference was clear in the color of Nuhaila Al-Qalai’s hair that she dyed, in addition to her striking and casual youthful looks, as she shares her audience with photos and short videos of her songs on her Instagram page, which has nearly 400,000 followers..

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Followers wondered if the young Moroccan artist, who turned 20 years old, had married, but she settled the matter and confirmed that she is still single, and attached her comment with a laughing emoji.

And another shocking rumor was extended to Nahila last year when tweeters published that she died due to a stroke, so close to her were quick to deny this rumor, and they said at the time that the news was false and unfounded, in turn, her sister denounced the memory of the news on one of her private pages, and said: Not a rumor, Nahila will not die, may God protect her“.

Nahaila’s life changed after gaining great fame and spread in Morocco and the Arab world, so that the audience called her “Little Zikra”, after her performance of the late Tunisian songs with elaborate professionalism and remarkable feeling..

It is noteworthy that Al-Qalai studied at the Moroccan Conservatory of Fez, where she learned the ABCs of music and continued her training in the field of solfege and playing the violin, and later joined the women’s group of authentic music in Fez. This enabled her to excel in competitions at the national level, before participating in the Arab Talent Program, which made a difference for her in her artistic career..

As for her participation in The Voice Kids, Nohaila received the attention of the jury. Which opened its doors to her, to become at an early age the youngest professional Moroccan singer flock to her at festivals and major concerts inside and outside Morocco.


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