The Swiss Federal Council is studying Hezbollah’s ban on its criminal activities


The Swiss newspaper “Blake” reported, “The Swiss government is studying the banning of Hezbollah, due to its” criminal activities and movements in the country and other European countries. “

She pointed out that “the Federal Council wants to investigate whether” Hezbollah “is also active in Switzerland, and to prepare a comprehensive report on the status of the party and its branches and their activities in the country. “Blake” quoted the head of the Christian Democrats, Gerhard Pfister, as saying: “Hezbollah is not only a threat to Israel, but to all European countries.”

Pfister affirmed that “Hezbollah’s ban enables Switzerland to monitor the organization’s cells well in the country.” And he has active bank accounts with us. ” He explained that his party’s proposal for “Hezbollah” includes prohibiting the use of party symbols in public places or in films and propaganda documents, banning party gatherings, and confiscating the assets of the organizations that are associated with it.


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