The statue of musician Othman al-Mawsili lights Mosul again


Six years ago, the terrorist organization “ISIS” destroyed the statue of the Iraqi musician Othman Al-Mawsili (1845-1923) when it invaded the city of “Mosul”, to return and illuminate his city, after the statue was rebuilt and erected in its place. Thus, the statue was lit and the city darkened due to the blackout. Al-Mawsili was considered one of the most prominent reciters of the Qur’an, and one of the pioneers of the renaissance of Arab music, and was known for his poetics, mysticism, and his abundance of musical melodies. Baghdad marked a turning point in the life of the Iraqi musician, as well as the city of “Mosul” in which he continued to study the Qur’an, and joined the “Qadiriya Sufism” and then to “the Rifa’i and Mawlawi Sufism.” Osman al-Mawsili emerged in Istanbul, the capital of the Ottoman Empire at the time, to become the most famous Quran reader, and his name spread widely in the fields of singing and composing, especially in the palace of Sultan Abdul Hamid. From there, his name spread widely, and the Turkish city contributed to establishing close relations with the famous people of his time. In Egypt, Al-Mawsili introduced the tones of the Hijaz Kar, the Nahawand and their branches, and he introduced the Iraqi maqam to music. Among the most prominent of his students in Egypt, Sayed Darwish, who met him in Damascus, and studied at his hand for 3 years, and the Egyptian musician borrowed religious muwashahat and songs from the Iraqi artist. Al-Mawsili also had a great merit in the emergence of Sayed Darwish’s talent, and security featured his quotes, the song “Visit Me Every Year Once” which was a religious muwashah entitled “Visit the Tomb of the Beloved Once”, and the song “Talaat Ya Mahala Her Light,” which was previously known as a religious muwashah. He was also distinguished by his patriotic characteristics and was one of the biggest supporters of Iraqi independence from the British occupation.


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