The smile is illuminated and her face .. Nelly Karim, in her latest appearance, with her little dog


The artist Nelly Karim shared a new image with her fans and followers on the Social Media, where the star appeared in her latest appearance with her young dog, where she published their photo through her personal account on the social networking site “Twitter”, while the audience interacted with her greatly, and the artist Nelly Karim participated Her followers through her account on Twitter in a way that sparked their interest, after she described herself as a wolf, where she wrote in her comment on the photo.I’m a wolfAnd immediately after the photo was published, her followers interacted with her through several tweets.

It is noteworthy that the star, Nelly Karim, had said in her last comments: “I will take this bitter Eid from my fiancé, but I want to say that Eid is not limited to money only, but on the sweet word, it is Eid and the question on some of us is Eid, and in effect, the biggest Eid I get when I meet with my children. “

Nelly Karim, during her hosting on the ninth program, presented by Wael El-Ibrashy, and Nagwa Ibrahim, the female broadcaster, on the first channel, that her engagement was based on the approval of the children and a full family agreement, but I do not like to talk in my personal life.

And about the series “With 100 Wush” that she presented this past Ramadan, she said that I deliberately got out of the framework of complicated characters, so all the series that she presented such as the same and the Nusa prison and others were personalities with problems, so I decided this year to get out of this, thanks to the producer and artist Jamal Justice, we agreed to present a comedy, so I needed to laugh and be happy in the filming, and the monument in the series was presented in a comic form and not as a demonic or harmful form, as the movie “Thieves but Cute” and others were presented. The goal was only laughter. .



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