The separation of the Lebanese artist, Laila Iskandar, from her Saudi husband, Yaqoub Al-Farhan, on the occasion of the holiday raises controversy over her nationality


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Lebanese Laila Iskandar surprised her followers on the Snapchat application by announcing that she was officially separated from her Saudi husband through a phrase she wrote on a black background, in which she said: “I officially announce my separation from Yaqoub Al-Farhan.”

The actor Jacob Al-Farhan had confessed to his marriage to Laila Iskandar in 2015, after two years of secret marriage, expressing surprise at the time about the positions of some of the protesters against his marriage to the Lebanese artist, because of the difference in their nationality and religion.

It is striking that the separation of the Lebanese actress Laila Iskandar from the Saudi actor Yaqoub Al-Farhan came on the first day of Eid Al-Adha, and after six years of marriage it resulted in one child named Youssef.

And Layla Iskandar’s separation from her husband made her the most searched-for global search index on Google, especially in Saudi Arabia.

The interesting thing is that Laila Iskandar had expressed her longing for her husband just 14 hours before announcing the separation, as she wrote: “This second holiday without you is difficult, God does not waste you tired and returns in safety Bo Youssef.”

The hashtag was issued by Layla Iskandar, the first trend in Saudi Arabia, and the tweets accused her of using Jacob Farhan to obtain citizenship only, and when she obtained her will, she requested a divorce.

In it, she wrote a tweet: “# Lily_Eskander took the Saudi nationality and withdrew on Juhayman.”

She agreed, tweeting in the name of Ahoud, who said: “So you know that Saudi foreign males give you an interest, and let them benefit you from time to time.

Another tweeter, Laila Iskandar, called for the Saudi citizenship she obtained, and wrote: “Retrospective.”

In a different way, Nina mocked the separation of Laila Iskandar and Jacob Farhan, and wrote: “He is her love because of her Lebaneseness, and when she became a Saudi, he divorced her. She would have preferred what she was like, rather than being separated, if he loved the girl of the country.

Salman Al Hakami saw that the relationship is doomed to failure from the beginning, due to the difference of religions and cultures. He wrote: “If two from one country are married and each one of the region feels that the relationship is without harmony … then what about when they are two do not agree religious or social or difficult nationality continues Relationship .. Love alone is not enough. ”

Another advised the Saudis not to repeat the experience of marrying a foreigner, and he said: “Your money is not the daughter of your country, it is you who are patient, tolerate and understand you.”

Laila Iskandar had sparked widespread controversy after announcing her Saudi citizenship, which raised questions about her religion and whether she converted to Islam or not?

She also appeared in a video posted on some websites, in which she thanked “Abu Bedij” for her help in ending the procedures for granting her Saudi nationality, and appeared with her in the video Abu Badij carrying her new identity.

Her voice was heard in the video clip, saluting a man named “Abu Duaij” while eating food sitting on the floor.

The latter greeted her, praising her art and presence, before announcing that he would give her good tidings. He presented her with her new identity card, as it turned out that she obtained Saudi nationality as the wife of a citizen.

Abu Duaij pointed out that the identity was issued under the direction of the Saudi Interior Minister and from a number of entities that have shown a lot of cooperation and tolerance.

Source: “Watan”


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