The “Saudi Investment Fund” raises the purchase quotas on the American stock markets


          I disclose my $ 10 billion bridge loan repayment            </p><div>

          <p>Official data via the US Securities and Exchange Commission revealed that the Saudi Public Investment Fund raised the volume of its purchase of stakes in several US companies from $ 7 billion during the first quarter of this year to $ 10.1 billion, according to second-quarter data on the increase in the holdings of the Saudi sovereign wealth fund .

The move of the Public Investment Fund to take advantage of the market fluctuations in the wake of the Corona pandemic, which led to the emergence of unexpected opportunities to invest in a group of companies and entrepreneurial sectors in which the fund invested by owning selective stakes in these companies at competitive prices, and some of these were preserved. Assets during the market recovery period in the second quarter; While profits were made from other assets.

Yesterday, the Saudi Public Investment Fund announced the repayment of its combined bridge loan that it obtained last year 2019, to accelerate the implementation of its investment program from a banking group consisting of 10 international banks, at a value of $ 10 billion. The move to repay the bridge loan comes amid widespread confidence in the Fund’s ability to achieve its cash flow targets, as well as confirming the Fund’s strong financial position and its ability to repay the loan within less than a year.


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