The Saudi Heritage Authority discusses the urban heritage and the character of the place


The Heritage Authority of the Saudi Ministry of Culture organizes a virtual meeting with a number of interested people and specialists to talk about the urban heritage as a fundamental pillar in the heritage that the authority is concerned with developing and advancing. The meeting will be held tomorrow evening, Tuesday, under the title “Urban Heritage and the Character of the Place.” Architecture and Planning at King Abdulaziz University, on the current situation of Saudi cities and their lack of heritage architectural identity, possible solutions to restore this identity, and the role of urban heritage in restoring the personality of lost places in light of the urban similarity between cities despite their geographical and climatic differences.

This meeting comes within the context of the Heritage Authority’s efforts to raise awareness of cultural heritage and emphasize its importance in shaping the identity of societies and cities, by encouraging the knowledge mobility associated with this trend and motivating experts and interested people to present their ideas to the general public through social platforms, with the support that this includes of heritage. And for its affiliates, highlighting the national heritage identity and revealing its repercussions in the details of daily human life.


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