The Saudi artist Waad threatens to commit suicide or get married … for this reason!


The Saudi artist, promised to her followers and fans through social media, threatened her suicide or marriage and distance from them permanently, because they were not asked about her during her disappearance from the social media sites, noting that she did not perform any activity during the past week without explaining the reasons.

The artist, Waad, published a video through the application of Snapchat, saying: “First of all, peace be upon you, why do not you ask about me … and I have kept many things hidden …

There are no pictures for you of anything … you want to get married and ask you … I do not commit suicide because you do not ask me and do not care about me. ” While large numbers of followers interacted with her and comments poured in on her: “Why am I really feeling like you are really preparing for a marriage …

A promise, God willing, will extend your life, oh my heart..I said first, where were you for 6 days, we did not know anything about you. Saudi Arabia had previously expressed a promise of her extreme anger at a citizen who proposed to marry her in a way she described as “insulting”, as he calibrated her with the color of her skin and her age, thinking that she would agree to marry him because he is better than her, and she promised to attack him, describing him as a psychopath.

Previously, I published a promise through the application of Snapchat: “Come to someone who wants to speak to me, saying I am white than you .. and younger than you .. and my family will not agree with Becky .. but I am your mail and mail that I associate with you and marry you.”

While commenting on this request, saying: “You are a psychopath … at what time do you live … was the time of a foreigner a racist sufficiency, and who told you that I would agree?”


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