The Salzburg Music Festival kicks off despite Corona


The 100th Austrian Salzburg Music, Opera and Theater Festival kicked off at the end of the week, despite the Covid-19 pandemic that canceled many events around the world, but with preventive measures to protect against the emerging corona virus.

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Organizers pledged to impose strict health measures in this year’s version of the festival, during which 110 performances will be given this August, after the number was basically two hundred.

The festival’s 80,000 tickets, compared to 230,000 in previous years, were sold nominally with personal information to track people in the event of injuries.

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Spectators must put a muzzle until they sit, and the performances will not permeate any rest stops and the food will not be served.

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Artists who cannot commit to a separation distance of at least one meter with their colleagues, including orchestra musicians, must periodically undergo virus detection checks.


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