The role of Abu Dhabi revealed .. “Ghosn” chartered a plane from the UAE in his escape from Japan


The role of Abu Dhabi revealed .. “Ghosn” chartered a plane from the Emirates in his escape from Japan

The case of the escape of former Nissan Motor Company president, Carlos Ghosn, from Japan, and his arrival in Lebanon is still unfolding day after day, with talk of renting a private plane from the UAE during his smuggling.

The American judge Indira Talwani accused two men from the state of Massachusetts of chartering a private plane in the Emirates to smuggle “Ghosn”, and refused bail for the former US Army Special Forces soldier Michael Taylor and his son Peter, after Japan requested their extradition.

Taylor and his son Peter are accused of carrying out a complex plan to aid Ghosn, which the judge said included chartering a private plane in the UAE and “Peter Taylor’s making seven trips to Japan; to meet Ghosn several times, and preparing and participating in Ghosn’s escape plan.”

She added that the plan also included Taylor’s presence in Japan; “To check airport employees about security measures, give a package of Japanese yen to an airport employee, and secretly remove Ghosn from a hotel room in a large box and put him on board a private plane that flew him to Turkey.”

Ghosn fled to Lebanon, where he spent his childhood, after being accused in Japan of involvement in wrongdoing, while Ghosn denies any wrongdoing.

Last January, the Lebanese Public Prosecution announced a travel ban on the former CEO of the Japanese “Nissan” company, Carlos Ghosn, and had requested his file from Japan, including his indictment.

In November 2018, Ghosn was arrested in Tokyo for “financial misconduct” while he was the head of “Nissan”, which he had previously saved from bankruptcy.

Ghosn was imprisoned for 130 days, and was later released on bail, pending the start of his trial in April 2020, where he was under surveillance, before he escaped in a mysterious way and landed in Lebanon.


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