The Republic … what did the Minister of Interior reveal about the terrorist threat?


The Minister of Interior and Municipalities in the caretaker government, Muhammad Fahmy, told Al-Jumhuriya newspaper: “Being a minister in a caretaker government does not mean that security is in the position of conducting business as well, rather the opposite is true,” indicating that the security services were, and are, at the top Ready to prevent any tampering with stability.
Fahmy stressed that the professional security work is separate from the complexities of the political reality and its crises, and therefore the agencies are not concerned with internal disputes, the resignation of the government, and the quarrels about the assignment and the nature of the next government, pointing out that it is devoted to fulfilling its tasks and assuming its responsibilities in the best possible way in this sensitive phase, regardless of what is going on around it. Without neglecting the importance of fortifying political security, because it leads to strengthening national immunity in the face of dangers and challenges, and by extension it reduces the burdens placed on agencies’ shoulders.
Fahmy clarified that some ISIS elements and sleeper cells may try to take advantage of the period of weightlessness that Lebanon is currently going through in order to resume its terrorist activity, and we have to anticipate such a scenario from the standpoint of preventive security, adding: “Certainly we will be on the lookout for them and will not accept that they return Lebanon back. The success of the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces a few days ago in the arrest of ISIS, who was planning to carry out an attack against the army and security forces in the Gemmayzeh region, is additional evidence of the high readiness of this division and of all agencies in order to thwart attempts to threaten internal stability.
Fahmy explained that he had previously warned a while ago about the possibility of some ISIS resuming their movement in Lebanon, “However, there are those who underestimated the matter and did not take it seriously, at a time when the security services were dealing with this possibility with all responsibility and seriousness, so that they intensified the required monitoring and took care Keep her eyes open to reduce the level of risk as much as possible. “
Fahmy considered that arresting the terrorist in Gemmayzeh before he was able to carry out the attack he was planning demonstrates the success of the security services in implementing the pre-emptive security policy to a large extent, stressing the importance of this strategy to protect Lebanon.

In a related context, Fahmy revealed that the investigations showed that the perpetrators of the Kaftun crime “are not ordinary criminals, but rather terrorists, and this has become a foregone conclusion, but it has not been fully clear after the nature of the mission that they were about to carry out”, affirming that work continues to arrest all members of the group. Terrorist.
Fahmy called on the political components to refrain from traditional quarrels and absurd differences, “because neither the security situation nor the economic situation can afford such a luxury.”


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