The price of the dollar in Sudan today, Sunday, August 9, 2020 .. The Kuwaiti dinar is jumping



Al Ain News
Witness dollar price front side The pound Today, Sunday, the Sudanese market stabilized in the informal (black) parallel market, with the stability of the dollar price on the screen of the Central Bank of Sudan, recording 55 Sudanese pounds for purchase and 55.27 pounds for sale.

And the price of the US dollar in early Sunday morning trading on the (black) market, about 147 pounds.

The Sudanese Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning has put in place arrangements related to the achievement of the ministry’s mandate over public funds, in anticipation of a government decision to refer all companies and public bodies to finance dependency, noting that it is one of the most important structural economic reforms that contribute to the stability of the Sudanese economy.

The price of the euro and sterling

The price of the European euro in Sunday’s trading in the parallel Sudanese exchange market was 161 pounds, while the official rate of the Central Bank came at 65.30 pounds for purchase and 65.63 pounds for sale.

The price of the pound sterling on the black Sudanese exchange market was about 181 pounds, compared to 72.22 pounds for purchase and 72.58 pounds for sale on the official market.

The price of the riyal, dirham and dinar

The Saudi riyal recorded in the parallel market a price of 37.30, on the screens of the Central Bank of Sudan, its price came at the level of 14.66 pounds for purchase, and 14.73 pounds for sale.

Regarding the price of the Emirati dirham, it was recorded in the parallel market of Sudan 37.80 for purchase and 38 pounds for sale, and officially it was recorded at 14.97 pounds for purchase, and 15.05 pounds for sale.

The Kuwaiti dinar jumped in early trading on Sunday morning to record in the parallel market a price of 451.25 pounds for purchase, and 454.54 pounds for sale, while its official price came at the level of 178.97 pounds for purchase, and 179.87 pounds for sale.


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