The price of the dollar in Sudan today, Sunday, August 30, 2020 … The gold tycoons fooled



Al Ain News
Has risen dollar price front side Sudanese poundToday, Sunday, in the informal (black) parallel market, amid increasing demand, surpassing the 200-pound barrier, recording a historic leap.

The price of the dollar was 206 pounds, according to Sudanese media, while the price at banks operating in Sudan stabilized at 55 pounds for purchase and 55.27 pounds for sale.

Dealers in Sudan expected a further decline in the value of the national currency, the pound against foreign exchange, if the situation continues in this manner, according to local media.

The steady rise in the value of foreign currencies is remarkably dominant in the Sudanese street, and has taken up a wide range of discussions in clubs and public places, highlighting the concerns of the Sudanese about the collapse of the economic situation in their country further.

The Sudanese government announced weeks ago that it intends to gradually float the Sudanese pound within two years to reduce its price to the actual price, but its implementation was delayed, despite news of the implementation of the decision within days.

Emperors of Gold

Regarding the reasons for the deterioration of the Sudanese pound against the dollar, some dealers in the Sudanese exchange market saw speculation Gold dealers To buy the yellow metal at a price 10% more than its natural price, in light of 95% of foreign exchange trading outside the banking sector, is the main reason for the rise of the dollar and the collapse of the Sudanese pound.

Some workers in the Sudanese exchange market emphasized that the vast majority of those who buy dollars and hard currencies are gold dealers, as some described them as “tycoons of the black market.”

The price of the euro and sterling

The euro jumped in banks to 65.05 pounds to buy and 65.38 pounds to sell, compared to 61.86 pounds to buy and 62.17 pounds to sell, yesterday, according to the Central Bank screen.

The pound sterling also increased to 72.63 pounds for purchase and 72.99 pounds for sale, compared to 68.29 pounds for purchase and 68.63 pounds for sale, according to the Sudanese Central Bureau.

The price of the riyal, dirham and dinar

The Saudi riyal recorded 14.66 pounds for purchase and 14.73 pounds for sale, and the Emirati dirham was 14.97 pounds for purchase and 15.04 pounds for sale, according to the Central Bank of Sudan.

The Kuwaiti dinar recorded 178.86 pounds for purchase and 179.75 pounds for sale in the same bank.


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