The poster for the “Lace” series was released by Cyrine Abdel Nour and Mahmoud Nasr, and this is the date for showing it – with pictures


“Eagle Films” has launched its new series “Dantil” to its owner, Lebanese producer Jamal Sinan, starring the Lebanese actress.Cyrine Abdel NourAnd the Syrian actorMahmoud Nasr​.
The company said in a statement that the work will be launched despite the tragic circumstances in Beirut and the state of sadness that we have, like all Lebanese and Arabs, on Sunday August 23 next, which is a series produced by Eagle Films / producer Jamal Sinan, directed by Al-Muthanna Sobh, scenario and dialogue Sama Abdel Khak and Engy Al-Qassem, to be presented initially by Watch VIP.
Actors Salloum Haddad, Sarah Abi Kanan, Zeina Makki, Nahla Daoud, Nicolas Daniel, Wissam Fares, and others will participate in the work.
The series presents an interesting social story that brings together the heroes of the work in a long-standing fashion house called (Lace). Events begin on the eve of the 35th anniversary of the inauguration of the atelier, and the secrets and stories of our heroes are revealed, turning events upside down. The work is peppered with stories of love and parting and raises controversial issues.


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