The occupying power stops its plans to occupy Palestinian lands in accordance with his agreement


05:19 PM

Thursday 13 August 2020

Books – Muhammad Ataya:

The tripartite joint statement issued today between the United States, the Israeli occupation state and the UAE confirmed that according to the agreement to normalize relations between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv, Israel will suspend its plans to occupy areas designated by the “Trump plan for peace in the Middle East,” or what is known as the “deal of the century.”

The US President, Donald Trump, announced the conclusion of a “historic peace agreement” between the UAE and the Israeli occupation state, stressing that the two sides announced a complete normalization of relations.

According to the document, which the US President published in a tweet today, Thursday, delegations from the UAE and the Israeli occupation state will meet to sign partnership agreements in the fields of investment, tourism, direct aviation, security, health and culture.


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