The novelist Hisham Al-Khishen: Can a game summarize the details of life?


“Seven friends have had a friendship that has lasted for more than thirty years since they joined the famous school in the Zamalek neighborhood … No matter how the days separated them, they did not miss their annual New Year’s Eve meeting in one of the apartments of one of the famous Libyan buildings overlooking the Nile of Zamalek.”

This is the story of the “Shell Shell” novel by Hisham El Kheshen, published by the “Egyptian Lebanese House”, whose events tell the author to “An-Nahar”, saying: “The novel revolves around a group of friends with a strong friendship that brings them together for more than thirty years, and whatever Their squad of days did not miss, at least, their annual meeting on New Year’s Eve every year in one of their apartments in the building of Lebon overlooking the Nile in Cairo. Events start at New Year’s Eve for the year 2010, when the friends tightened a game they chose to play in order for someone to win a grand prize; the winner will control a great fortune Through the game, we learn about the story of each character, these stories whose stories are intertwined, which turned out to be the closest to the capabilities of life.

The cover of the novel.

The author asks: “Do you see if one wins or is everyone a winner? Can a game summarize the details of life?” And he sees that his novel carries a kind of daring that our society does not accustom to: During her events she discussed several topics that need audacity, because her idea itself includes renewal and an entrance that could be unusual in an oriental society like ours, and for me it is a narration of feelings and psyches, not a kind of “action” movement, as much as it reveals souls And how each of us carries concerns within us and faces problems, but people seem to judge him, as a person without worries. “

The novel takes place inside one of the most famous residential buildings in Cairo’s Zamalek neighborhood, in which the most famous Egyptian artists lived in the period of the fifties until the nineties, and its fame was also taken after the director Salah Abu Saif filmed his famous movie “Between Heaven and Earth” in 1959, and the architecture was owned Khawaja “Charles Lebon” of Jewish-French origin, and after the movement to nationalize foreign property in Egypt, the ownership of the architecture was transferred to the Egyptian government.

As for the writer of the novel, Hisham Al-Khishen, he is an Egyptian civil and novelist, who presented himself for the first time in the field of literature in 2009 through the collection of stories “Very Egyptian Tales” to be issued to him several novels after that, including the novel “7 Days in Tahrir” which turned into a series called The day comes, produced by Voice of Cairo, which was shown on TV.

His novel “Graphite”, a historical novel, was nominated for the 2014 Arab “Poker Prize” and was able to reach the long list of the award from among 16 selected fiction works. It also was issued to him, “Hadath in Berlin”, which was chosen as a prescribed reading in the curriculum of the Arabic language. At the German School in Cairo.

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