The mystery is over … this is how Corona strikes a person’s “nose”! Saudi News


The world is still looking for any new researchers to announce about the emerging corona virus, awaiting a solution that would end months of tragedy.

Finally, US researchers reported that they discovered the reason why people with the epidemic lose their ability to smell temporarily.

It is known that the loss of smell is one of the common symptoms among the injured, but its reason remains obscure until scientists from Harvard Medical School explained that they studied all the cells used by the body for smelling, and they measured how affected they were.

According to Al-Arabiya, the results revealed that what is known as the sensory neuron, an element that monitors and transmits the sense of smell to the brain, is not one of the cells that are highly vulnerable to disease. On the other hand, the scientific team found that Corona virus attacks cells that communicate the signal to the “sensory neuron” or what is known as “metabolic support”, as well as attacking some blood vessels and stem cells. The study also showed that most of the cases of coronavirus do not portend a permanent loss of smell, noting that those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic are 27 times more likely to develop olfactory loss than non-infected people.

In turn, Sandeep Robert Data, the researcher who supervised the study, a professor of neurobiology at Harvard College of Demand, revealed that the study found that Corona virus does not change the sense of smell through cells, but rather by affecting the function that provides energy to these cells He added, adding that the study carried good news, which is that once the recovery is the same, the neurons linked to the smell do not need to be replaced or remodeled due to the damage that was caused.

The American academic confirmed the researchers’ need for more data on patients in order to resolve the abstracts presented.

It is noteworthy that the loss of sense of smell and taste is one of the very common symptoms of Covid 19 infection, and it usually comes to people with varying degrees, but the situation returns to normal after recovery according to many studies.


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