The Ministry of Interior adjusts the opening and closing times of institutions … What about curfews?


The Ministry of Interior and Municipalities has amended the opening and closing times for industrial and commercial enterprises, and the ministry issued the following statement:

The contents of the previous decision, that is, the closure of the maximum limit within the procedures for general mobilization to confront the Coronavirus, shall be suspended, starting from 6 am on Friday, August 28, 2020. Accordingly, going out and entering the streets and roads is prohibited between ten in the evening until six in the morning. From every day.

Public institutions and administrations shall open their doors to citizens during the approved official working hours, and it is up to the competent minister to determine the percentage of staff readiness.

The opening of schools and centers specializing in people with special needs is also postponed to a date determined by the Ministry of Education, and the opening of nurseries is postponed to a date determined by the Ministry of Public Health.


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